We offer needles for sewing machines and also for hand sewing. 
Needles are one of the most essential sewing supply and it should be in every home sewing basket. 

We offer self-threading needles for hand sewing, which are designed for sewing beginners or for people with bad eyesight. 

For embroidery projects, you can use specially designed embroidery needles that are in different lengths, diameters, and shapes - sharp or blunt. Blunt needles are mostly used by kids in their embroidery beginnings. 

Curved upholstery needles can be used to repair a mattress, seat, armchair, or other thick material. Craftsmen also use long upholstery needles. 

Needle sets contain a mix of various types and sizes of needles. 

We offer sewing machine needles for sewing various materials, canvas, denim, knitwear, jersey, stretch, leather.