We offer laces of various materials, colors, and widths. Laces are used for clothes decorating, home accessories, folk costumes, historical costumes, or lingerie. We can also use them to line the edges of blouses, skirts, sleeves, to extend the length of the skirts, blouses, or T-shirts. 

  • Wide cotton laces are inserted as a decorative element in bed linen and decorative pillows. You can also decorate the tablecloths with laces. 
  • Elastic laces are a great fit for decorating elastic materials. 
  • Cotton lace embroidered on canvas, madeira, are mostly used for art purposes, but they can also be a fashionable element on daily clothes. 
  • Cotton laces are made of a cotton thread of various thicknesses and colors. 
  • Polyamide & polyester laces are used mainly for underwear, but also in decorating carnival costumes, doll clothes, and synthetic materials.

We offer all of these lace trims by meter so you can choose the quantity that perfectly suits your need.