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We offer various types of fabrics. We sell all fabric by meters/centimeters so you can buy exactly how much you actually need. Monochrome or canvases with patterns that can be used in various projects. We offer mostly Czech and EU made cotton canvases. Tulle is used to sew carnival costumes, tulle skirts, outfits for princesses, or as petticoats under bridal dresses for brides. . If we produce embroidered tablecloths, placemats, pillows, we can use different types of embroidery fabric. We offer cotton embroidery fabrics in different options for cross-stitching.  Fleece is a great choice for sewing warm clothes.

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Cotton twill fabric- pink

Cotton twill fabric- pink

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EUR 0,806 (EUR 8,06/m)
Color Pink
Product care IroningWash up to 60 ° CCan be tumble dried
Cotton twill fabric is a special canvas, it is a very dense fabric that is made from fine yarns of pure cotton. It is used for the…