We offer many types, colors, and sizes of buttons. 

Wooden buttons, metal-coated buttons, metal buttons, pearls oyster buttons, thread buttons, or double bedclothes for bedding. The above-mentioned buttons are available as shank buttons, two-hole, and four-hole buttons

The children's (baby) buttons are designed to decorate the clothes of your children. Some designs are available in various sizes and colors. 

Men's suit buttons of various types and sizes. These buttons are usually offered in different sizes so you can use the large buttons for the jacket (blazer) and smaller ones for sleeves.   

Jeans tack buttons are used to repair jeans fastening. These buttons are not designed to be sewed on. These buttons are attached to the jeans by the impact of a hammer (or anything that is heavy and solid). 

Historical costume makers may appreciate metal buttons that can be used on these costumes. 

We also offer semi-finished products for self-cover buttons. It is necessary to own a special machine for the production of the button. If you supply us with the fabric you want to cover the button with, we will be happy to make the buttons for you.